Outpatient Services

Outpatient Services

Our Outpatient services are comprised of individual, group, and family therapy sessions provided at our local office. We currently accept the following insurance plans: Aetna, Cigna, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ, Medicare, NJ Children’s System of Care Medicaid, Medicaid Flex Funds, Oxford, and United Healthcare. For those seeking a more traditional therapy experience, Outpatient care is for you!


Individual Therapy

Sometimes called psychotherapy or talk therapy, this is a process through which clients work one-on-one with one of our clinicians in a safe, caring, and confidential environment to address their needs. AAA Counseling and Consulting Services works with youth and adult clientele to visualize and achieve their own personal goals. No matter the issue, we are here to support you!

Family Therapy

Family therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which families experiencing relational challenges work through them as a group with one of our clinicians at our local office. Together, we promote family functioning, positive relationships, and stability. At AAA Counseling and Consulting Services, family health is a priority.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which one of our clinicians treats a small group of clients together. Groups run once a week and range in size from three to six participants. This ensures that each client is heard and respected, while still offering a sizeable support system. No matter what you’re going through, we can get through it together. We run several support groups throughout the year at our local office, such as the following:


Meet our Staff Clinical Consultant

Joyce Clark-Addison, MSW, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 35
years of experience providing clinical supervision, program development, clinical peer
supervision, licensure supervision, consultation, and professional development training
services to behavioral health and educational institutions. She has a robust knowledge
of the New Jersey Children's System of Care.

Additionally, Ms. Clark-Addison is an Advanced Trainer for the Nurtured Heart Approach, served as a Part-Time Lecturer at the Rutgers Graduate School of Social Work, is certified as a Clinical Social Work Supervisor & instructor for NJ-NASW Clinical Supervisors’ Certification Course. Ms. Clark-Addison holds a master’s degree in Social Work from Rutgers University.

She operates a private practice in Somerset, NJ; providing the services identified above, as well as psychotherapy, career counseling, and life coaching throughout New Jersey and surrounding areas. Ms. Clark-Addison is committed to helping others uncover their greatest personal and professional best!

For more information, please contact Joyce Clark-Addison at the email [email protected]

Our Trainer Diagnostic Instruments Utilization

Dr. Sharron Spriggs is a clinical psychologist specializing in psychodynamic treatment for adolescents and adults. With a firm belief in the interconnectedness of current symptoms and early childhood experiences, Dr. Spriggs guides her patients to comprehend the underlying factors shaping their thoughts, feelings, and understanding of their current situations.

Dr. Spriggs provides training in assessments, including culturally sensitive diagnostics, personality assessments, and managed care assessments. Dr. Spriggs also does ADHD and accommodation assessments for children and adolescents.

Our Team

Augustine Douglas, LCSW. MBA

Navigating the vicissitudes of life is challenging and takes so much courage. Here at AAA Counseling and Consulting Services, we believe in helping you improve your life by creating self-compassionate pathways to healing.

We also know that your unique history, culture, and beliefs affect how you perceive your challenges, as well as how you might go about resolving them. We aim to integrate that respect for individuality in our practice.

Augustine Douglas is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the state of New Jersey. She holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from Howard University as well as an MBA from Seton Hall University. She has over 20 years of experience in social work in public school settings, community-based social service agencies, and hospital-based programs. Augustine Douglas is an EMDR trained clinician and is additionally trained as a Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional. She holds a Clinical Certificate to work with Survivors of Violence Against Women and is also certified to provide clinical supervision to LSWs.

Sessions are offered in a comfortable and supportive setting with flexibility and convenience in mind when scheduling appointments. Take the first step, make the call, and start your journey to wellness today!

Languages: English, Conversational Spanish, Haitian Creole

Sherin Ahmed LCSW-R, M.S., CCAFT

Sherin is a licensed clinical social worker R level in the state of New York and New Jersey, and Administrator in the Human Services Field with over 25 years of human services workforce experience. She is well trained in Trauma Focus-CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Certified in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Child Play Therapy, Conjoint parent and child therapy. She has been a psychotherapy practitioner and Field Instructor for over 15 years. Sherin additionally holds a specialty in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) treatment and Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP) for clients 12+ excluding however the harm disorders of Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders, Trichotillomania, Excoriation, and severe Hoarding Disorder.

Sherin is an MSW graduate of Adelphi University and holds a Masters of Science in Administration from Audrey Cohen College now known as Metropolitan University of New York. She holds a postmasters certification in Child, Adolescence, and Family Therapy and was recently awarded her certification in Six Sigma Green Belt level from the prestigious Management and Strategy Institute. Sherin is currently pursuing her postmasters certificate in Executive Leadership. Her combination of training and experience in trauma informed care, clinical practice expertise, and administrative senior level management positions held, has provided her with a unique combination of expertise in clinical leadership in upper level management. She has worked in departments as a clinician and administrator at various levels in forensic settings, the field of child welfare, outpatient mental health, health care management and private practice.

During each position, Sherin has actively practiced clinically while participating and leading agency wide committees focusing on systems implementation of Trauma Informed Care Initiatives, the Sanctuary Model, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy in milieu settings as a project Team Lead.

Sherin has clinically mentored /supervised entire teams of directors, supervisors and executives, providing clinical insights and administrative guidance to address the complex issues of organizational culture relevant to agency staff and clinical practice. She is a tireless advocate for high quality care and has demonstrated successful outcomes in program development and program expansion in the service of clients and staff.

Amber Hill, LCSW

Amber K. Hill is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who received her Masters from the Columbia University School of Social Work. Amber’s professional background includes experience working with children, young adults, and families from diverse backgrounds. Amber practices a strengths-based, evidence based, and culturally competent approach. She recognizes the client as an expert of their own experiences, and draws upon the client’s strengths to tackle existing difficulties. She aspires to help all clients become the best version of themselves, and works in partnership with clients to accomplish this.

Lauren M. Flast, LCSW

Lauren Flast is a licensed clinical social worker with an undergraduate degree from Lehigh University and a Master’s degree in Social Work from Rutgers University. Lauren’s professional background includes a P-3 teaching certification and over 30 years working with young children in an education setting. She has experience with adults and children from diverse backgrounds and practices using a strengths-based, evidence based and culturally competent approach. She views the client as the expert in his/her own life, working in a collaborative manner to draw upon strengths, abilities and resources while leveraging her professional skills and knowledge in the service of the client’s goals.

Nikkia Bratcher, LCSW

Nikkia Bratcher is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has earned an undergraduate degree in psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a Master’s degree in social work from Rutgers University. Nikkia has experience working with a variety of mental health concerns. Some of these being anxiety, depression, grief, substance abuse, and family conflict. Throughout her years in practice, she has provided therapeutic services to adolescents, families, adults, and older adults. She utilizes a variety of evidenced based therapeutic techniques based on the needs of each individual client. Some of these including strengths-based, solution-focused, person-centered, and cognitive behavioral approaches. Nikkia assists clients in obtaining coping tools to manage adversities within their lives. Also, by providing clients with the support needed to make the best possible decisions for themselves and the people they hope to be in the future. Nikkia’s mission is to make therapy a positive experience for everyone.

Joan Bankole-Jones, MSW, LSW

Joan Bankole-Jones, Licensed Social Worker

Joan Bankole-Jones is a licensed social worker. She holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from Rutgers University and a Certificate in Aging. She is certified in Adult Mental First Aid USA and has been trained to provide initial help to people experiencing problems such as depression, anxiety disorders, psychosis and substance abuse disorders. She is a Nurtured Heart Approach Certified Trainer (NHA CTI). Joan’s professional background includes experience working with young and older adults. Joan takes a strengths-based and holistic approach. She acknowledges and builds on clients’ expertise and diversity to navigate challenging situations. In partnership with clients, she strives to empower them to develop the whole person, remodel their behaviors and ameliorate their way of life.

Kimberly Johdos, MSW, LSW

Kim Johdos, MSW, LSW has 20 years in the social service field, working in a variety of settings. She collaborates with individuals by leaning into their strengths and focusing on solutions, using skills they already have and pulling in their formal and informal supports and working on areas such as self esteem, poor relationships, sleep difficulties, grief and coping with medical illness, etc.

Kim has worked with individuals of all ages. Through her work, Kim has gained extensive training in crisis intervention and treatment. Kim worked in a Psychiatric Emergency Room where she assessed patients in their time of crisis, helping to develop a treatment plan. She also has responded to suicide hotline calls and supported individuals through traumatic events.

Kim is a lifelong learner and continues to amass impressive credentials. She holds a Masters in Social Work from Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey. She has obtained additional certifications, focusing on various individual and large scale issues. Kim holds an additional Master’s in Child Advocacy and Policy from Montclair State University.

Skylar Girvan, MSW, LSW

Skylar Girvan has received her Masters of Social Work degree from Rutgers University and currently holds an LSW. She attended Montclair State University for her undergraduate degree, majoring in Child Advocacy and Policy. Skylar currently works full time as a Care Manager for a county-based care management organization. She likes to take a strength-based approach, assuring each youth is met at their own level. It is Skylar's passion to help adolescents become their truest self!

Tamara Casseus, MSW, LSW

Tamara Casseus is a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) committed to serving families and children's needs. She has over 15 years of experience working with children, adults, and families providing knowledge, personal skills and resources to address housing, food insecurity, parental skills, and methods to promote mental and behavioral wellness.

Tamara’s wealth of knowledge spans various areas in the field of social work, including assisting with obtaining developmental and physical resources for children with disabilities, providing preventative service work to families, aiding First Time Home Buyers and assisting families with resources to address financial issues. In addition, she has presented to schools for school-based summits and educational professionals through the Community Foodbank of New Jersey on the issues of food insecurity and the value of nutrition.

Tamara’s goals as a social worker are to advocate, promote awareness and empower strengths. She approaches all her cases in a nurturing and patient manner. She seeks to empower her clients with knowledge of themselves.

Tamara encourages self-awareness with various therapeutic tools such as journaling, reframing and active listening. Throughout her years of service, she advocates for individuals and families to have a safe space to express themselves. She strongly believes that self-awareness plays a large role in addressing the clients’ needs and planning progressive goals.

Tamara also believes in serving the community. For several years she participated in a Medical/Dental Mission to Haiti providing translation services for doctors and nurses. She also served as a board member to a nonprofit organization, Haitians Unified for Development and Education (HUDE) which provides scholarships to graduating high school students pursuing higher education. Through the organization, she organized activities for children, conducted educational seminars and community activities.

Tamara has a Master of Social Work (MSW) and a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree from Rutgers University. She seeks to continue her knowledge in therapeutic services to provide optimal care to her clients.

Maureen Ugochukwu, MSW, LSW

Maureen Ugochukwu has graduated with her Masters of Social Work degree from Rutgers University and is now an Intensive in Community - Licensed Clinician at AAA Counseling and Consulting Services. Maureen was born and raised in Nigeria, West Africa and speaks English and Ibo fluently. Maureen's passion in social work is to work with youth and families in crisis by restoring family balance. Maureen loves nature, loves taking evening walks, going to the beach, and watching the sunset.

Maureen's favorite quote is: 'Impression without Expression is Depression.'

Angela Campbell-Osbourne, MA, NCC, LPC

Angela Campbell-Osbourne is EMDR trained, a New Jersey Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), a National Certified Counselor (NCC), and a Nurtured Heart Approach Certified Trainer (NHA CTI). Angela received her Masters from New Jersey City University in Clinical Mental Health, and a Bachelors in Psychology and Counseling from Pillar College. Angela is a compassionate advocate for the disenfranchised. Angela has made it her life’s goal to work with individuals who have experienced trauma due to crisis. She gets a deep sense of fulfillment, helping humanity recognize their inherent value and uniqueness, despite their life challenges.

Angela has worked twenty (20) years in the mental health service field, impacting the lives of individuals with various psychological issues, including addictive, sexual problems, developmental and learning disabilities, behavioral challenges, and mental health illnesses. She has extensive training in various therapeutic modalities, which include incorporating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, Reality Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. Incorporating different modalities enables her to adopt an eclectic approach and equips her with the necessary skills to serve individuals in crisis.

Diane Grossweiler, MA, OTR/L, Consultant

Diane Grossweiler, OTR/L is a national board certified and licensed Occupational Therapist with a specialized certification as a School Occupational Therapist by the state of New Jersey. She is a graduate of Rutgers University and Kean University. Diane has over 25 years of experience whose passion for the profession began during her employment at Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital located in Morris County, New Jersey. She is an “eclectic” therapist with a wealth of experience facilitating optimal functioning with various disabilities in numerous and various treatment environments.

She has ten years experience as a School Occupational Therapist at a private special education school for students ages 5-22 with behavioral/emotional challenges which interfere with their learning.

Diane has extensive training in Sensory Integration Theory and Principles, Sensory Processing Disorders, and Nurtured Heart.

The simple Chinese proverb continues to guide her passion as an Occupational Therapist.

“Tell me and I will forget.
Show me and I will remember.
Involve me and I will understand.
Step back and I will act.”

Isabel Elliott, Clinical Coordinator

Isabel is the Clinical Coordinator at our agency. She is detailed oriented, organized, and highly personable. Isabel is passionate about meeting people from all walks of life and aspires to serve others. With her course work in sociology and her background in nonprofits; she is excited to be of service.

Sharon Coley, Administrative Coordinator

Sharon Coley is the administrative assistant here within the Agency. She has been an Admin/Office Manager, serving the Plainfield community for over 30 years. She is dedicated, detail oriented, and kindhearted.

She received her Administrative Certificate from The Academy of Professional Development, located in Edison, NJ. She is also a Licensed NJ Realtor/Salesperson.

Her hobbies include listening to music, reading, and bird watching.

Cheyenne Chmara, MA

Cheyenne Chmara, MA LAC Pending completed her Masters at Montclair State University where she studied clinical mental health counseling. Cheyenne completed her undergraduate degree studying Psychology at Villanova University. In graduate school, she acquired experience in case management helping young and older adults' access necessary resources through the Housing First model. This experience led her to discover the beauty in advocating for individuals to have access to food, shelter, and care. We tend to perceive life through the glasses we wear, which can come from our unique cultural background, religion or faith, sexuality, developmental differences, and individual experiences. Cheyenne’s intention is to provide a space that honors the lens through which clients view the world while empowering them as they embark on the road to healing.

Latoyya Schenck, Behavioral Assistant

Latoyya Schenck is a Plainfield, New Jersey native with a BA in Criminal Justice/Social Service and a Master of Science in Psychology from the University of Phoenix. Her professional background includes working with children of all ages, adults and families in various settings. Additionally Latoyya has experience with a diverse clientele she has an innate passion for assisting each client to meet their goals

Chimereucheya Anyanwu, Nurse Practitioner

Chimereucheya Anyanwu has a master's degree in nursing with a concentration in Psychiatry and Mental Health, (PMHNP). Ms. Anyanwu is a Board-certified Nurse Practitioner with 19 years of experience. She has worked in mental health facilities and psychiatric hospitals, as a Registered Nurse and other capacities. Through these various roles, Ms. Anyanwu has developed a holistic understanding of patient care experience, which strengthens her ability to provide quality care for her patients and manage their health so that they can live productive lives. Chimereucheya Anyanwu leads with empathy and compassion, cultivating strong patient-provider relationships.

Mohanie Persaud, Behavioral Assistant

Mohanie Ganesh-Persaud, MA, (Psy. D. candidate) has experience working as a senior primary therapist in an Emergency Room setting, Trauma Recovery Center, and Psychiatric Residential Home.

She lives in Jersey City and attended New Jersey City University where she graduated with both an undergraduate and graduate degree in the mental health field.

Mohanie is a mother of 3 children however she prioritizes self-care, loves to travel, read, cook, and take long drives into the countryside as a form of relaxation. . Mohanie possesses excellent listening skills, and loves to work in the field of behavioral health, where she is certified as an EMDR Therapist.

Beatriz Silva, Behavioral Assistant

Beatriz Silva holds a BA in Psychology and has experience of working with special needs children. Beatrice has worked with children diagnosed with autism and has provided ABA therapy to those she served. Beatrice is currently continuing her educational pursuits in the area of Psychotherapy & Mental Health. Outside of providing Behavioral Assistance services, Beatrice is employed as a Spanish Pre-School Teacher.

Sherley Benjamin, Behavioral Assistant

Sherley Benjamin holds a BA in psychology and a Master’s in Social Work (MSW) from Fordham University. She has extensive training in various therapeutic modalities, which include Solution Based Casework, Motivational Interviewing: A strength-based practice, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Understanding Undoing Implicit Bias, and Identifying and Addressing Intimate Partner Violence.

For the past 17 years she has worked in preventive services where she provides family counseling to children and adults of diverse backgrounds; With them she acts as a guiding hand to help them to overcome the challenges they currently are facing. Using a Solution Based Casework Practice, she also prioritizes working with the family by focusing on pragmatic solutions to difficult situations and, most importantly, celebrating changes with them.

Through these roles, Sherley has developed a love for counseling, and she is now working with AAA counseling and Consulting Services –as a bilingual English/Haitian Creole speaking Behavioral Assistant to help youth meet their goals to their fullest potential.